About us page

Each member of our team has a very education background, work experience, a set of skills and abilities. But standing united by a common goal we achieve more than any of us.

In the work we also strive to convert our partners and clients into members of the team, to involve them in the process of creation and crafting. We build our relations on the principles of honesty, openness and respect to professionalism.

Our studio is an informal indie initiative. Most of us are descendants from a soviet past, which we respect greatly thus Red is chosen for our color. Thus we have chosen "Partizan" for its name. The whole concept has originated from an idea of a VR-rifle thus the "Guns" word came into play.



Founder and the visionary of the Studio

Anton has started his professional carrier long before he graduated from University of Technology. Started with following his father's steps in electronics he quickly grew up to a managerial position. In several years after Anton already led a teams of engineers. Under his command they have successfuly developed all kind of electronic equipment. Starting with "simple" automated management systems for electricity grids and up to central processing units and supporting chipsets. As any self-made man Anton never allows others to do the job with him observing it from a bird-eye position. Down to earth and hands on - this is his personal creed and this is what we like him for.

As his spare time activity Anton likes to play with his kid and invent new things. Red Partizan Guns Studio is one of his ventures.   


Chief Designer

Cyrill is a man of art and design. And this is a complete definition. He has a very diverse background. But whatever he did and whereever he went he always was doing it with a touch of artistism. Even his beer bar, which he oppened for his fellow bikers, he decorated such that it looked like a steam punk art exhibition where spectators are also served with beer.

He is that type of a person who inspires and drives others forward. In his own way. This means that he makes it all in the most perfect way he can imagine. Sometimes he steps back in order to completely redo all what he made with no mercy. Sometime it is hard to get the result in time. But we are always sure it will be ideal. The best designed we can dream of.

As his spare time activity Cyrill rides a bike and chats with his friends. He recently became a father and now he is to nurture a new designer to this World.  


Chief Painting Artist

Elizabeth is a born artist. She can draw anything one can imagine. After her graduation she joined the team as a Chief Artist. She is fluent with all modern software packages, but she can also do hand drawing with pencils, paint and pastel. If one needs to paint a miniature such that it looks realistic then Elizabeth is the one he should ask for it. She is very patient in listening to our demands and already got quite some skills in translating an engineers' talk into a visual image. This is what we all love he for.

In her spare time Elizabeth does sport, reads books and enjoys her friends.


Chief Designer

Cyrill is a man of art and crafting with a very diverse set of skills. He tried many things in his life but it was always somehow related to art and making tangible objects. Even his beer bar, which he openned for bikers, was looking more like an exhibition of steampunk craft, where guests were served with a bottle of a premium beer.

He is one of these forces that drive others forward. Sometimes he needs to make a step back and take his time to polish. Sometimes he goes as far as to redo it all from a scratch. He is clearly a perfectionist. But we like him. He is the best designer we can dream of.

Alexander BURYI

Lead 3D-Designer

Alexander is an engineer who graduated as an architecht. And most of his time he designs all sorts of buiding for minuature business. As a professional he knows how to deal with any 2D/3D software there is in a market. But he also likes to explore and learn new things. Turning a flat logo into a 3-dimentional buckle, making of a memorial coin from a hand drawn sketch, polishing a die cast molding form - you name it! Alex is a very persistent person who always goes for the result. In combination with his responsibility and team woking skills it makes him a very unique and integral part of our team. We are very gland to have him on board.

In his spare time Alexander plays computer games, reads books and spends time with his mates.

Polina SIDAK


Polina currently studies to become a teacher of painting arts. From her early childhood she was deeply obsessed with paiting and crafting. She is one of these people whe are luck to do the work they have passion for and the one they always wanted to do. Despite of her youth she has already gained quite some experience. She likes to learn new ideas and skills, which she immediately apply in practice. Polina know all about her profession. Besides of that she is very friendly, but responsible member of our team. She is always keen on getting the things done. We are glad to observe how such a great person grows among us. 

In her spare time Polina does sport, meet with friends and watches movies.